Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hair clips and saggy skirts

I like the hairclips used in this British Vogue shoot from 2005. I mean, I know there are giant hairclips all over but they seem to always be giant flowers or feathers. Sometimes a girl needs a hairclip that isn't a huge feather, you know? A clip with pom poms on it--now that is a different story entirely.

Also, regarding the bottom pic--does anyone really wear a knitted skirt like that? Don't you get a huge saggy bottom area from sitting and stretching that out? Or have I missed a whole wonderful world of knit skirts because of my assumptions?


sarah said...

I have a lovely cream knit outfit with a ruffled sweater and matching skirt. The skirt wasn't made to be skin tight, it was made with a straight cut so there are no sagging issues. I love it - it is one of my favorite outfits. You should try making them!

emily said...

i always think they would stretch out but then you have that grey knit dress that isn't stretched and i am always surprised! I guess we will have to try it out!