Tuesday, April 27, 2010

VW Beetle

So, I never thought I would be totally outraged by the design aesthetic of a car. But, a couple of weeks they unveiled the 2011 VW Beetles, and I was totally grossed out. Because I love a VW Beetle. I wanted one forever, talked my parents into getting me an old one in high school (a 1974 one, which was totally adorable although admittedly not the most reliable car), and when I needed a new car for my "adult" life I had to have one.

They are so cute! And round! And come in pretty colors. But then there is the new one, it has a flat roof..Why?? Why have a Beetle if it is just a Jetta with rounded fenders? Well, I guess I better make mine last for a while, maybe long enough that they will have a burst of nostalgia and go back to the original design..


emily said...

i am appalled. leave cute alone!

Jen said...

why is it snarling?