Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Kensington Rooftop Gardens

So, I recently decided to save all my pennies and go to England in the fall of 2011. Granted, it will not happen for quite a while, but don't you think that I haven't already started planning! Although I promised J that we wouldn't spend all our time in London, there are a few things that I feel like I should go see and the other day I added the Derry and Tom's building to my list. Otherwise known as the once glorious Big Biba. Now a depressing Marks and Spencers, but I felt like I need to see where all the Biba awesomeness once lived.

Here is a pic of the building. It's huge. Seriously huge. I've seen countless pics of Biba inside the building but you just don't get the feel of how big it is. (E, would we be able to take on that building? We would dance a jig to get to make it our own or run away screaming?) Anyway, that's not the exciting is the exciting part....They still have the rooftop gardens!! and it's open to the public!! The gardens were built in the 30's, and have been maintained even though the building has changed hands a variety of times over the years. In 1981 Richard Branson (the Virgin company owner and man of untold wealth) bought the gardens and refurbished them (complete with flamingos) and in 2001 he put a fancy pants restaurant up there as well. I'm totally going. And maybe I'll get a wee inkling of the Biba glamour that was there. Hmm, what should I wear?

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emily said...

oh my god everytime i look at this it fills me with pure joy! How can the world be bad when awesomeness like this exists?