Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Liberty for Fred Perry

So, I think J totally is going to have to get this shirt..check it out, Liberty is doing prints for Fred Perry! Don't you know who Fred Perry is? Well, he was Britain's best tennis player in the 1930's, and in 1952 was approached to put his name on a tennis shirt, and so the Fred Perry label was born.

At the time of the launch the classic Fred Perry shirt was just a white polo shirt, but then in the early 1960's the Mod movement got a hold of it and ever since it has been the king of cool shirts. Well, maybe to me anyway since I've always had a deep love of the mod culture and clothing. Sorry to digress, but I thought a little bit of backstory was needed (although if you need more there is a nice bit of history on the Fred Perry site)

Anyhoo, now FP are going to have a line with Liberty prints on them! I found a sneak peek on the Liberty blog, they don't say when it will be out, but it is their Spring 2010 line, so soon!
I think of FP as mainly for me, but how cute are these dresses?

Here is Fred Perry himself..isn't he dapper?
Mods: A Very British Cultural phenomenon is a great book if you want to read more..

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