Thursday, July 26, 2012

Christian Dior Resort 2013

So, I think that this season is officially (in the fashion world) considered pre-Fall. Am I right? We are at the end of June, getting ready to gather our fall wardrobes, dreaming of tights and sweaters. Except for one thing. It is really blooming hot outside. And the first thing I saw when looking at the pre-fall collections was Yves St. Laurent's head to toe leather. Leather. I got in my car today and it said 117 degrees, the thought of putting on anything heavier than cotton makes me cringe.

So I decided to go further into the future, beyond fall, to a time where we will all be planning our winter vacations on sunny isles, a time called resort 2013. In resort 2013 we will be dressing in Christian Dior, sipping champagne cocktails on a veranda overlooking a beach, with a cool breeze. (Oh, for a cool breeze!)

Join me friends, in this future world. Perhaps you don't want Dior? You can find another resort collection to suit you here.

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