Tuesday, July 24, 2012

You can make it! Long sleeve knit top

A few weeks ago I shared a blog that I found called Make This Look. I really liked how they showed you to remake a commercial outfit. So much so that I'm going to do the same. Except not as well, because they had you all decked out in accessories and everything...

The reason I'm doing as they did is that I found this outfit on JCrew.com. It struck me that the shirt is the perfect thing to make out of our Bamboo Sweater knit that we recently got in at the store. It is a beautiful fabric, super thin and so soft. So thin and soft that I think people are afraid of it. But it would be perfect as this shirt!

You could use Sew-a-holic's Renfrew pattern. You can find it here or if you are local, the Bernina store on Metcalf has it. Shamefully, we are out of it and need to reorder!
 If you want to go all out with a polka dot skirt, there is some really great black and white dot Faille Taffeta here

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sarah said...

absolutely love this!