Wednesday, July 11, 2012

La Dee Da

Yesterday I opened a box of summer..well, really it was a shipment of Erin McMorris's La Dee Da fabric, but it looks like summer, don't you think? Especially when paired with the new oilcloth--it is an aqua extravaganza in here! 

This weekend we are taking a road trip with our fabric to see the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild, and I am working like a madwoman to make samples from our new fabric. It would have helped if I had finished the samples I started last week, but we had to go on vacation, and vacation trumps samples.

I made a gorgeous pillow last night out of our new La Dee Da, all it needs is a zipper. Here is the bug-a-boo..I brought the pattern to work but not the fabric! How could I not pick that up? Oh well, I'll just start on something else...

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