Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Good Morning Friends!
So, I realized that I never did update you on our Mission Small Business thing we did last week..thanks to all of you lovelies we got our 250 votes! (Plus a few extra) Now we just cross all our fingers and toes and hope that in September we get some good news about the grant. In the meantime I'm going to be buying lottery tickets.

Oh, and since we only had two comments left for the Modkid book giveway last week I think both ladies should get one. That's only fair, don't you think?

Last week we received a new shipment of Martha Negley (which looks lovely with Parson Grey, don't you think?) so I put myself to work making a few samples out of it to show it off.  I didn't finish them, but I'm hoping to get them done for an event on the 14th.

I moved on to a project out of Liberty, but Marla was too tired to let me sew.
So instead I turned to my new book! Freya North is one of my favorite authors and I had received her new book last week. I was very strong though and finished two previously started books before cracking into this one. Good thing I was done sewing for the day..I couldn't put it down and read the whole thing!
Hey! Speaking of samples, I don't think I showed you the pillows I made out of Tula Pink's Nightshade combined with Stitcher's Revolution Gypsy embroidery patterns. I think it is a perfect pairing..
E and I are taking off to Chicago tomorrow, yippee! Lauren will be manning the store, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Stop by to see her and she can show you all the new goodies. Keep an eye on Facebook or Instagram, as we are going to Ikea, and will keep you updated on all the lovely new goods they have!

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