Thursday, January 7, 2010

GCR&B 2010

New Years syndrome has definitely kicked in, over on my side. I have been a flurry of activity at home and at work of Getting Things Done. Now. So last Sunday I started in on the Great Closet Reorganization and Beautification of 2010. Which of course, started with paint. And taking everything (and I have a lot of clothes, people) out of the room and putting it all back in. Ugh. I painted it a light blue though, which looks nice.

Next up is getting racks, shelves etc. Like in the pic below (I would have done this days ago, but it's cold out people! I'm going home to my heat and blankets after work--not to Lowes. Brrr) But here's the thing with the pic below--my closet will never look that nice because I have like 300 times more stuff. Oh well. So anyway, I was going to see if anyone has organiz-ey things that they recommend? Something to make 15 vintage dresses all fit on a tiny rack and look orderly? A magic wand perhaps? Let me know....

PS. And when the closet is finished there will be pics!
PPS. The downside of the closet is that there is no heat vent in there, so it is seemingly only slightly warmer than it is outside. Brr. As J said this morning, "Getting dressed in there is like taking the Polar Bear Plunge"

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