Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Rockabillies

I was browsing the internet the other day and my eye was caught by Jennifer Greenburg's book The Rockabillies. I spend most of my time trying to smuggle mid-century lamps and knick-knacks into the house (J doesn't really loove it like I do) and the houses in this book blew my mind. Look at the picture below! That lamp is awesome..more than awesome, it is phenomenal. Not to mention that girl's panther top and trouser pants..

And what about this guy? This is a man who knows how to put a room together, complete with a poodle. I love how he painted the one giant room two colors where the living meets the dining room. I think it is a great subtle room divider. And total pat on the back for scoring that sofa--that is quite a find.

There are loads more pics over on Jennifer's website, I wish I had seen this before Christmas, it would have been a perfect gift for a certain someone. Could someone remind me next year? Thanks.

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