Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Henry Wilson's home

So I saw this house over on Mrs. Blandings today, and holy frijoles, isn't it awesome? And, I was all "Oh, I especially love the green wallpaper" and then I find out he hand stenciled that wallpaper--in fact none of the rooms have wallpaper--they are all hand stenciled. My mind. is. boggled. (And he needlepointed all the pillows on the couch in the green room--let's just all pause for a moment and think about how incredibly difficult and time consuming that is. A hearty pat on the back and a "Good Job Mate! to you, Henry Wilson)

But then that got me thinking of the myriad of things I would like to do with my walls, and E, do you think you could come over and stencil a bamboo pattern all over my bedroom? Or something like that? I mean not right now, but maybe eventually? Thanks!

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emily said...

sure, sweetums, just as soon as i get done stenciling and needlepointing my house. pencil me in for 2020....