Thursday, December 9, 2010

Advent Calendar

I had a wild hair this holiday season that I decided that I had to have an advent calendar. Something about a special treat every day appealed to me but I wasn't a fan of any of the pre-made advent's I saw. So, I made one out of scraps that we had lying around.

I made it in the shape of a tall skinny holiday house (which I thought would look super cute on the wall) I started with the scallops which I made from a square approximately 5x5 and then cut the scallop at the bottom. If you ever decide to make something like this, might I recommend making a scallop pattern out of cardboard first? It will save you a lot of time and wonky scallops.

I decided to do 3 scallops across and 8 rows down. I made the back of the house 16" by 50" and evenly spaced out my scallops on the rectangle. I punked out at this point and instead of sewing each little scallop on I cheated and used hot glue.

For the top of the house I found some fun red and white fabric and cut a rectangle 16" by 10". I then flipped the piece over and pulled down the top two corners so they met in the middle, giving me a roof-shaped triangle. (You can go ahead and trim the extra flaps on the back) I added a little 2"x4" chimney (piped in red) and I was done!

I ended up just tacking the calendar on the wall, but if you plan on putting some heavy duty treats in those scallops you could do a couple of loops on the back and use a dowel rod to hang it.

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