Thursday, December 23, 2010


Years and years ago my mom gave up doing a whole big Christmas eve dinner..I would too if I had to make a whole big dinner the next day. Now we have a whole variety of appetizers (although it's probably just as time consuming). I thought this year I would bring a couple myself and I was thinking about breaking out my adorable vintage fondue pot. Isn't it festive? I'm considering going with this Crab and Cheddar fondue, although I did find a variety of delicious sounding recipes. Do any of you have any great fondue recipes I should try?


Dayle said...

I was thinking about breaking out my fondue pot too. I have only made chocolate fondue. I found my recipe on Your crab fondue sounds good.

betsy and emily said...

It was good, sadly we forgot to put it away so there were no leftovers, sad. I found my recipe on,,you should try it. How was your holiday??