Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Geffrye Museum

Has anyone been to the Geffrye museum in London? It is totally delightful. It is an entire museum devoted to middle class living rooms in England from the 1600's to present. Is anyone else totally nutty for that kind of thing, like me?

Actually, to be perfectly frank I had forgotten all about the place, and then just came upon a mention of it. Suddenly I remembered a long ago day exploring living rooms in England, and it was so cool! It may be a must-visit next time I go over. Anyway, so I wandered over to their website and saw that they are having an exhibit called Christmas Past: 400 years of seasonal traditions in English homes. Now you know that that must be a huge treasure trove of inspiration. I would love to see it.

I also noticed that they are having a wee exhibition on Heal's Christmas posters. I'm completely in love with the one they showed online, so now I guess I will have to go on a search for others.


emily said...

well now, that's just fantastic! Presents for particular People!

betsy and emily said...

I'm a particular person, did you get my gift there?