Wednesday, December 29, 2010

More Fabric!

Last week we got in 4 cute new fabrics..2 kid-oriented animal prints and 2 gorgeous velveteens. I had been iffy about ordering the velveteens and waffled back and forth forever.

Then Lauren and I had a whole conversation about not ordering them as she had seen them and didn't love them. So, my decision had been velveteens. But then I saw a patchwork velveteen coat at Anthropologie (aah! I can't find a picture to show you) and my lust for velveteen roared it's soft head and the now we have two bolts. And I want more and more and more.


katie s. said...

lauren got to eat root beer cookies! i think i'm going to make another small batch tonight & we'll bring them by the shop. i'll be sure to send along the recipe, too.

katie s. said...

oh i give up. no more baking got done. here is the recipe! we'll drop other treats by the shop another time.

betsy and emily said...

Thanks Katie! I'm so excited for root beer bookies..maybe I"ll give them ago this weekend!