Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tam O' Shanter placemat

I've been meaning to get you this tutorial for weeks, but I've either been super busy or super lazy so it hasn't happened. Today is the day! I call this the Tam O' Shanter placemat, as it reminds me of a Tam O' Shanter hat. It's easy to make and really turns out cute.
1/2 yard Melody Miller Ephemera
1/2 yard Melody Miller Vintage Dishes
1/4 yard Wonder Under
1/2 yard ric rac
So, you are going to start with a circle, any size will do. I traced a large round tray that I have onto a piece of paper. Cut out your circle and use it as a pattern to cut out your backing material. Then take your paper circle and fold it in half once, so you have a line down the middle. Fold it again so you have 4 sections within the circle. Keep folding until you have 8 equal sections, then cut them out. These are your pattern pieces for the top.
I alternated Melody Miller Ephemera with Melody Miller Vintage Dishes. Using my sectional pattern pieces I cut out 4 of the Ephemera and then 4 of the Dishes. You then just sew them together, right sides together until you have rebuilt your circle with fabric. Give those seams a nice hot iron after sewing to keep the lines crisp.
Now for the dot in the middle. I took the Dishes fabric and traced a circle around my favorite teacup, then cut it out. Cut out this same size circle from your Wonder Under. Iron the WU onto the dot, and then iron on the dot to the mat perfectly centered in the middle. Use a zigzag stitch and sew around the dot.
Now for the ric rac. Pin the ric rac around the edges of your mat, making sure that there is no trim running over the edge. Run a 1/4 inch basting stitch around the edge of your mat and the ric rac.
Then take your backing fabric and put it right sides together with your top. Stitch all the way around the circle with a 1/2" seam allowance, leaving a 2" opening to pull the fabric right side out. Pull out your fabric and iron under 1/2" seam allowance at your 2" opening. Hand stitch this closed. Give your mat a thorough ironing and voila! an adorable placemat!

Do you remember how a couple of months ago I made my cat that kitty tunnel? Which she barely looked at and I had to beg her to get in? Well, this project was much more successful. I brought my mat home after work and put it down on the table and 30 seconds later she was sitting on it. She loves a mat..

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Patchwork Architect said...

Nice use of the Bernina, glad to see a foot shot. Oh, and it's perfect for a cat rug. Kansas is in love with the vintage tea cup fabric too, he is always laying on that piece. He will be sad when I turn it into a curtain.