Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Woolly Pocket Time

It's starting. I've been trying to ignore it, but with every walk on a nice day it's growing stronger and stronger. It's that itch to magically make my yard into a gorgeous backyard haven. Which of course, is not only easier said that done, but cheaper said than done.

I keep telling myself to stop adding to my list of outdoor things to do, but I can't stop. On the top of my list is to get these lovely Woolly Pockets. We have a fence in backyard and if I had my way we would Woolly Pocket it down the whole length. It would be an Oasis!

See? I get carried away.


Megan said...

Oh, my gosh - I love the planters on the door. What a refreshing take on the idea!

Carly said...

Whoa. Super duper cool. I'm gonna get me one for starters and then collect them forever.