Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Afternoon Tea

E and I have been busy today. Working really hard. Well, not on work exactly..more on research for where we will have afternoon tea in London. After looking at the top Tea Places 2011 on Afternoon Tea we have narrowed it down to 4 choices. All beautiful, all delicious looking and, of course, all expensive. (but hey, you can't take it with you, right?)

First and foremost is The Ritz London. I mean, does it get any better? It sounds glamorous just to say it! But is it too fancy for us? What does one wear to tea at the Ritz? Will I need to take some etiquette classes before I go?

Next is The Dorchester. As lovely as the Ritz but with a little bit more quirk to it. Also they are rumored to have the deepest bath tubs in London. (No, not that we will get to try those, but I think it's something to take into consideration. Although E did say that we should see if there is a tea/bath/nap option)

The Chesterfield Mayfair won us over with it's ferns and stripey fabric. E loves ferns and has a mild obsession with vintage-y atrium rooms. And the Chesterfield offers a Chocolate Lover's tea, which I'm all for.

And last but not least is Brown's Hotel. Which I have to say I've heard most frequently mentioned in the same sentence as awesome afternoon tea. It's got a nice classic look to the room, but jazzed up with Paul Smith lighting and fabrics. And this room was the inspiration for an Agatha Christie book, so that's pretty awesome.

So which would you choose? They suggest reservations should be made about 12 weeks in advance, which is why we are trying to decide now. Did I mention that every tea involves clotted cream and jam? Yum!


Mary Anne said...

Isn't it wonderful to have such a dilemma? My vote is for Brown's...if I had to pick just one! The waiting will be the hardest part!

Lori said...

I would like to try them all