Thursday, June 16, 2011

Little Leaf Guesthouse

In the never ending quest to find places to stay in England, I think I have found the perfect spot for J & I in St. Ives. After hours on Travel Advisor and a myriad of other websites I came across the Little Leaf Guest House. (Isn't that the cutest name ever?)Anyway, I was so happy to wander over to their website and see all the lovely rooms. What really sold me was reading their blog. It turns out that Little Leaf has not been open very long. The owners had traveled to St. Ives last year and stayed in the same building when it was a different guesthouse. The place was for sale so on a whim they decided to buy it, move from London and run it! A whim to open a business when they have no experience? That is my kind of people.

We haven't booked it yet, but I'm hoping to this week, I don't want it to fill up while I'm dallying around.

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