Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gift Guide part 2!

I know that most of our stuff has a bit of a, well feminine slant to it. But, miracle of miracles we do have a few things that the boys in our life seem to be pretty excited about. For instance, how about a mustache mug for the face follicle challenged in your life?

These recycled mugs are picked out by the lovely people at Bread and Badger and then given new life with a jaunty etched mustache. Doesn't it look elegant, or like it should come with it's own stick of mustache wax? Anyhoo, I am of the opinion that everyone likes a mug, because sooner or later that mug will bring you your favorite drink. So I recommend this gift for: boyfriends, husbands, brothers (& in-law), favorite tattoo artist, and dapper dandies.

(and we have pint glasses)

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