Sunday, December 6, 2009

Gift Guide!

This right here? This lotion....smells like HEAVEN! Seriously, e & I can't get enough of it into our noses (so if you see us walking around town smelling our own hands, you'll know why) Anyway, you know how there is someone you always need a gift for, but never know what to get? Co-worker, cousin -in-law, well--you know who I mean. Lotion is always the go-to gift for me in that situation, and this lotion is the best! And it has a matching candle if you want to go all out.

If your idea of heaven isn't Hawaiian Ruby Guava then it has to be Mediterranean Fig....recommended for teachers, in-laws, assistants, favorite waitress, lovely mail lady, cousins and co-workers.

1 comment:

emily said...

actually our mail lady preferred guava too! she is one of us...maybe we should take the hint!