Thursday, December 17, 2009

Gift Guide!

Moms-- you love them, but what on earth do you buy for them? Jewelry? perhaps. Clothing? hmm, could be dangerous. Slippers? eh. What about something for the house? Something zippy and useful? Hey, I've got it, how about some locally made coasters! Not just coasters, pretty coasters in awesome prints and colors. Perfect.
Oh, you need something else too? Hmmmm. thinking, thinking...oh! What about a silver magnet board where she can keep all of her lists of things to do, or pictures, or whatnot? Also in pretty colors and awesome prints! Super perfect.
And get her a teatowel too--they are pretty and make people smile.

(note re: coasters/magnet boards--so, we had these last Christmas too and people loved them--there was elbowing, biting and mild hysteria when we were waiting for another shipment--I'm just saying, they are a popular gift)

Anyway, this gift is recommended for: moms, (+in-laws), houseproud friends, listmakers, and hostesses (the party kind, not the air kind)

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