Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ALL Knitwear

As February moves on it's cold and gloomy way I yearn for color. And warmth. And more color. I've been entertaining myself with visions of bright spring wardrobes, but even when you want to dress spring, when it's 10 degrees outside, it's hard to argue with putting on a sweater.

Now you see, you can put on a sweater and feel all Springy and light. How?? Why, with pieces from ALL Knitwear, of course. E brought this little company to my attention last week and I fell head over heels for it. ALL Knitwear is an American clothing label designed and produced by the super talented Annie Larson.

Larson, who is based out of Minneapolis, used to work for Target but decided to go out on her own. In April 2010 she started producing the ALL Knitwear line, and all I can say is this girl deserves a round of applause.

Of course, what first drew me in was the color and patterns. On closer inspection I noticed how wearable the pieces are. Her boxy style sweater has a great shape to it, and of course the knit leggings would be heaven to layer with. I'm always wary of a knit skirt (with regards to it keeping it's shape) but I think it's time to give one a try. And of course, the hats are too cute. I would love to open a closet full of those hats in winter, and wear a new one every day.


emily said...

love love love it! the happiest knits ever!

donna said...

Oh! The overalls! If only they came in a "full skirt" version! Or poofy knicker like legs. Love me some poofy knicker like legs.