Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yellow Owl Workshop

I feel like as a store we have reached the height of coolness. Why? Because we are officially the only store in KC right now carrying Yellow Owl Workshop. Shazam! You may recognize the goods from Yellow Owl Workshop, as you've drooled over them all over the blog world.

I especially drool over the pendants and I'm happy to say they are just as gorgeous in person. And I may be stamping every future piece of correspondence with a badminton stamp. Or Big Ben, I can't decide.

So one fun tidbit about Yellow Owl Workshop is that one of the founders, Christine, grew up just a bit away in Brookside. How cool is that? Kudos to KC natives making awesome product! Maybe she will come visit next time she comes home. That would be like a celebrity coming into the store, we will have to roll out the red carpet!


Emily said...

Super cute stuff. I might have to get one of those necklaces.

betsy and emily said...

The necklaces come in glass bottles with cork stoppers. I would almost get one just for that!