Thursday, February 24, 2011

Roving around

We are lucky today to have E actually blog for us! Along with the pigeon roof yarn I showed you the other day we also received some roving and I thought it was best for her to explain it to you. Thanks E!

Roving adj
1a : not restricted as to location or area of concern
2 : inclined to ramble or stray roving fancy>

Ah, roving....I am fond you both as a noun and an adjective! Most people coming in will delight in our delicious new hand dyed Pigeonroof Studio Sock and DK yarns but might be puzzled at the adorable braided cinnamon rolls o' fiber that we also received. These are super soft Merino roving - long strips of wool that are braided and beautifully dyed so you can make your own yarn - yes, make your own yarn!
Some people who love fiber in all it's amazing forms decide that although knitting a scarf is amazing, knitting it with your own handspun yarn is incredible! No, you don't have to bust out a giant Sleeping Beauty spinning wheel, it's easy to start with a handspindle and a book such as "Respect the Spindle". Handspindles have been around since the beginning of time and are simple to use, amazingly versatile (can spin super fine to super chunky), and fun! Even a little time spent making your own yarn is a fascinating education about how the fiber you knit with everyday is prepared, spun, plyed and dyed. Interested? Come in on a Mon, Fri or Sat and I'll show you!

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