Wednesday, February 2, 2011

West Elm Voile Quilts

This week we got the new West Elm catalog (I do love the West Elm catalog, so many lovely things) and two things struck me.
1. They have really lovely bedding and quilts. I am a sucker for bedding, always have been. I think it would be the height of luxury to have a linen closet full of printed sheets and soft comforters. Also, I love this quilt.
2. West Elm has a two page spread on some items they are selling that are (at least partially) handmade which I think is really nice and forward thinking of them.

You will notice on the handmade item page the Hand-Blocked quilts from India, and when you read the description you will notice that they are cotton voile. Voile! Ha! I knew it would be perfect for bedding. You see, Jacquie and I were just discussing the use of voile in quilting. She had not handled it much but I told her I thought that the feel of it would be lovely in a quilt because it is so soft. And here is West Elm to back me up.

So to summarize: Voile, not just for apparel, and West Elm rocks.

Also, in case you are super inspired to make some voile bedding for your own, you might check out your options from Anna Maria Horner and Denyse Schmidt. (P.S. more Anna Maria coming any day now)

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