Thursday, February 10, 2011

Liberty Herringbone Neckwarmer pattern

Yarn: Cascade Magnum 1 skein
Needles: #19
Fabric: 1/4 yd Liberty print
Large Button
Tapestry Needle

Finished Measurements: 30" long x 6" wide
Gauge: 13 sts/10 row = 4"

Pattern Notes:
Herringbone Stitch
Knit Row - Slip first stitch. *Knit 2 tog in the back of stitch. Only slip first stitch off needle* repeat to last stitch. Knit in the back of the last stitch.
Purl Row - Slip first stitch. *Purl 2 tog. Only slip first stitch off needle* repeat to last stitch. Purl last stitch.
(Did your mind just get blown? Here's a tutorial

(Further Pattern Notes: I love love love this stitch. If I could marry a stitch, Mr. Herringbone and I would be on our way to Las Vegas. However, there is trouble in paradise! This stitch is really really tight and although it makes a delicious thick warm fabric, your hands will be doing some seriously complaining at the end. Remind them that this is only a wee neckwarmer, not a giant scarf, and look down frequently to adore the Herringbone and remember the pain is worth it!)

Neckwarmer - Cast on 18 sts. Knit in Herringbone stitch for 25" (or till your preferred buttonhole position). Keeping in pattern use your preferred buttonhole stitch (making sure it fits your button!) and continue 5" more inches. Cast off.
Block flat, keeping in a even rectangle.

Measure nice flat dry neckwarmer and cut Liberty fabric a 1/2" larger than neckwarmer on all sides. Iron 1/4" hem on all sides and then fold over again 1/4" and iron flat. Your neckwarmer is probably not a perfect rectangle so check to see if your fabric hem needs to adjust to be even all the way around. Stitch (hand or machine) your hem all the way around and iron flat. Pin to neckwarmer and mark buttonhole location, make buttonhole (hand or machine). Pin fabric to neckwarmer and handstitch together, sewing through your underhem and only going halfway through the yarn so this thread doesn't show on the front or the back. Wrap around your neck, admire and mark button location. Sew on button, wrap around your neck again, sigh with contentment and have a snug neck henceforth!


Holly said...

Love it! Flowered pretty interior = girly. Plaid interior = manly. I think my hub needs a manly one, while it's still so cold outside!

katie s. said...

off topic, but your lip color is beautiful!

Betsy said...

Holly, I love the idea of a manly one. Send us a pic when your done with it.

Katie, Thanks! It's actually a super fire engine red (revlon) but that's what it looks like after hours of wear. Revlon actually lasts really well.