Monday, March 28, 2011

Dream Jobs

J and I were discussing Dream Jobs. Whether a Dream Job was something you go for, or something you file under pipe dreams: a different life. I know my major 3 dream jobs (aside from the whole owning your own awesome store thing. Living it!) and one is actually in my field, therefore the realm of possibility.

J was having trouble figuring out his. We narrowed it down to working in a major league sports environment and having to walk across the field on a daily basis. I suggested groundskeeper.

Do you want to know my 3? Do you promise not to laugh? I bet I know a few of you that will get a good chuckle...alright, here they are in no certain order.

1.Work at Liberty of London (again). Huge surprise there, right?

2.Work at Disneyland. Magical.

3. Backup singer for Neil Diamond. This is going to be a bit of a challenge considering my incredibly poor singing skills. I could totally swing those backup singer moves though.

Now tell me yours!


Sharry said...

I love your dreams because I know you can follow them and realize them! None of the surprise me and i think J would be a wonderful groundskeeper!

emily said...

You just made me really really happy with this....