Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Selvedge! (s)

Hooray it has arrived! The delivery that I've been waiting for was finally drug in by our long suffering (but fabulous!) mail lady today. The poor woman had a heavy bag gripped in her hands and I was delighted to see that it said Royal Mail on it! (Side note: I've ordered many things from England but have never received them in an actual Royal Mail bag. Of course I will be keeping it!)

What was inside you ask? Selvedge Magazine! Actually not just Selvedge, but SelvedgeS. Not only do we have the current issue of what might be the best magazine ever, but we also have back issues!

They are so gorgeous, and the paper is lovely and they even smell really good. This is a magazine that you horde, save and look at when you need inspiration. Come in and see!

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Dayle said...

drooling over those magazines.