Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Margo Selby

Last Saturday my mom and I went to the Pattern ID show at the Kemper (have you been? you really should go) and of course we had to take a little jaunt through the museum store before we left. There I was struck by some textiles hanging on the wall, as well as some pillows strewn about. They were rich in color and texture and lured your eye from across the room. It turns out that they are the work of Margo Selby.

Margo Selby is a British textile designer who launched her first collection in 2003. She is trained as a weaver and is known for a 3-dimensional fabric made by uniting her hand-woven structures with industrial machinery.

Margo creates everything from bags, shoes and ties to bespoke rugs and fabric by the yard. That runner in the third picture down? I would wrestle someone for that rug, that's how much I like it. Maybe when I visit her gallery/shop in London that opportunity will arise. I'll let you know how it goes.

Anyway, go see Pattern ID and then go see Margo at the Kemper gift shop. It will make for a delightful afternoon!

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