Monday, March 21, 2011

Ikea Fabric

Yesterday I opened the closet door in my sewing room and was surprised to see the stack of Ikea fabric that I have built. Especially since I was adding new purchases to the pile. I tend to get carried away when we visit.

The real problem is that I buy a slew of fabric with a HUGE print and then don't know what to do with it. Let me show you some choice pieces I have and you can give me some ideas.
I think I only have a yard or two of these birds. Super cute, no idea what to do with it.
Now this crab fabric I actually have used, I made slipcovers for our outdoor furniture with it. It turned out nicely. I think I have probably a yard left.
Foxes is new to my stack. Had to have it, I suppose I'll use it for something someday.
This mountain fabric makes me happy as a clam. I actually have used it as super cute curtains in our back room, but I have a huge pile left over. I guess I tend to overbuy.Now in this pic I actually only have the dot fabric. But I have a plan! And I bought it with a plan! In our back room we have a horrible drop ceiling and I'm going to cover it with this fabric. Won't it be awesome? I'll show you when it's done.
I've got a yard or so of navy with white polka dots. I think I had envisioned a skirt with it, but haven't gotten around to it.
And last but not least, I have this super soft lovely plaid. Which is one zipper away from being a summer dress. Success! An Ikea fabric project finished.

I actually do have 4 more Ikea fabrics lurking in the background, but I've had them so long they don't even sell them online anymore. One however is just the leftovers from a skirt I made, one will be made into a dress (somehow. I have to work around a HUGE poppy, and I have a feeling that if it isn't done right it will look odd) and the other two are just waiting. Patiently.

Any project ideas you want to share with me?


Heather Woollove said...

Have you been happy with the quality of Ikea fabrics? I had one 'very pilly when washed' piece from them that kind of put me off
their fabrics for all time. I think they're adorable, but do you find that they wash well?

betsy and emily said...

I haven't had any problem with pilling. Having said that, I tend to buy the super heavy fabric. The green plaid is really one of the first soft cottons I've gotten, so I'll have to see how it goes after a couple of washings.

Also, like I said, most of my fabrics are waiting to be made into something, so a lot of them haven't been washed yet!

Did you have the softer or the heavier?

kisa said...

any chance you have any if the blue mountain fabric left? if so, I'd love to purchase it from you! kisacaldwell at gmail