Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pattern Magic

I am agog over the Pattern Magic book that we just received. It's been on backorder forever and honestly, I had kind of forgotten all about it. But I'm so glad our book company didn't forget us, because it is amazing.

Tomoko Nakamichi breaks down the process of making gorgeous Japanese inspired clothing with 3-d forms in them. When you read the directions and check out the diagrams it totally makes sense! I'm intrigued with the idea of bringing these processes into different projects as well.

What really sold me were the instructions on how to tie the perfect giant bow in a variety of sizes. I know it sounds crazy, but if you've tried making a perfect bow recently, you know how difficult it is



Jen O said...

yeah, my students are 'ga ga' over this too, it's a great departure from the 'becky home-ecky' approach to making patterns!

betsy and emily said...

Have you gotten the second book yet? It was released last month. It has a gorgeous sleeve on the front cover, I can't wait to see it.