Monday, March 14, 2011

Vintage needle case

Here at bonbon we have a you knit? Or are you a Needlemaster? This is an amazing (60's? 70's?) Boye Needlemaster gold flocked circular needle case that was scored at last weekend's first weekend sales....(thanks mommy!) The best part is that the Boye company still makes the exact same kit so we can replace the missing cable and needles but although the needles are still happy anodized aluminum rainbow the case is booooring! You will have to keep an eye peeled if you want to knit in gold flocked style!


dacg said...

I love it ..want my address????

Lisa said...

I am a knitter, but I would love to be a Needle Master. Maybe one day I will hold that title.

betsy and emily said...

Needle Master is a good title. It would like nice on a business card wouldn't it?