Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Liberty is here!

The new Liberty fabric is here! What a glorious day this is! I ordered most of this in August, if not July, so I felt like this day would never come. But it has and now we have a wall full o' Liberty. Would you like to meet our new patterns?

First we have Asami Sayo. Isn't she lovely, like a grand theater curtain?
Then there is Olivia Strange, who is a personal favorite of mine.
Kayoko seems like she would be pretty in many different forms.
E's favorite is Eb's D. Very cool.
Durie is a little brighter than the others with a lovely Asian feel to her pattern.
And last but not least, Douglas Stripe. Which seems a horrid name for such a perfect floral pink stripy fabric. E and I have both fallen in love with Douglas Stripe.

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