Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cath Kidston floor tiles

Ok, so you know how my Spring fever has me on fire to re-arrange the house and own everything Cath Kidston has ever approved? Well my friends, those two separate obsessions have now joined together and induced a fiery lust within me. I want, no I need a bathroom makeover using Cath Kidston floor tiles.

 I want to wake up in the morning and stumble into a flower filled floor. I want to take long baths where I can admire the floor. I even vow here and now to get on my hands and knees to clean it. Which is certainly something I rarely do to my boring bathroom now. Anyway, this is my new dream. We have the tiniest bathroom in the world, so maybe one day it will be possible. I am leaning towards the white with floral, although I do love the cowboy as well. Lust!


Kathy Carbone said...

If you're going to have a bathroom makeover, I suggest you try rubber flooring. Rubber flooring is perfect for bathrooms because it is extremely practical and is not slippery, making it safe for kids. Furthermore, it'll be a perfect match with either the floral or the cowboy design. I’m sure you’ll never be bored with your bathroom with that. BTW, make sure that they come in rolls if you plan on buying them. They tend to stretch when cut into squares.

Bathroom Fittings said...

Bathroom Designs are perfect for children/kids room.Tile colors are also looking great

Alana Geikie said...

“I want to wake up in the morning and stumble into a flower filled floor.” – Well, that is definitely one way to start your morning! Every sunrise would be great when the first thing that greets you is the sight of these lovely flower floor tiles! This tile design certainly makes the bathroom feel like springtime. It adds a lively and warm vibe to the bathroom. Imagine feeling as if you are surrounded by flowers every time you use the bath, or when you are relaxing on the tub! Now that would be nice!