Monday, March 19, 2012

Slipcover finished!

Through a series of unusual and unforeseen circumstances last week I found myself with a 4 day weekend..a Spring Break of sorts.  Not only was it a 4 day weekend, but it was 4 glorious days of unseasonably warm and sunshiny weather. Tempting weather, the kind that throws your goals to the wind and you find yourself spending your days drinking Pimm's cups  and eating chips and salsa.

But No! I said. I will not give in to your sunny temptation! Instead, I opened some windows, turned on summery music and hunkered down. I spent 3 8 hour work days and on Saturday night, I had one new slipcover. Plus a couple of hours Sunday morning to cover some throw pillows.

I'm so pleased it's done. Perfection it isn't, but it's pretty darn good, I think. Here is the sofa before. Brown, comfy eh.
And here it is in it's new dress! I love the turquoise highlights. My goal was to make it fitted..I didn't want a loosey goosey slipcover. I think it's pretty good. Everything has zippers so it is as tight as can be. And of course there are quite a few upholstery tacks keeping it tight as well.
And here she is dressed up with her new throw pillows and ever present quilt. Now on to the next project!
(roman shades, if you were wondering)


Alissa in KC said...

SO cute!!! My fiance's cats have killed the lovely fabric on my favorite couch and this gives me hope that I may be able to reclaim it!! Awesome job!!

betsy and emily said...

Thanks! We had to be careful about the fabric we chose, as one cat likes to give things a scratch. This is pretty smooth though, so she can't get her claws in it as well. Our other cat is declawed (not by us) so we let him do the faux scratch.