Thursday, March 22, 2012

Les Toiles Du Soleil

Oh friends, have I found something gorgeous for you. Well, actually Genevieve Gorder found something lovely for you, I have just been sitting around watching her TV show. Anyway, have you heard of Les Toiles Du Soleil? It is a 150 year old French company that weaves the most gorgeous, bright and fun outdoor fabrics. Stripes! So many stripes in amazing colors.

In 2008 the first retail outlet of Les Toiles Du Soleil opened in New York. Not only do they have bolts and bolts of fabric but they also have espadrilles, totes, pillows, accessories and even deck chairs (by the way, I LOVE stripey deck chairs). They can also do custom work, so if you are looking for the most amazing awning ever, you would go there. The store is on my list for the next trip to NY, but since who knows when that will be, I have been soothing myself with their online store. Not quite the same, but still full of goodies.

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