Wednesday, March 21, 2012

E's hunt for the perfect Sweater part 4

Hunt for the Perfect (Sailor) Sweater Part 4 - Breakwater
(See parts 1, 2, and 3)

   So while in the midst of the Middlefield I started sniffing around for the next pattern since it's never too early to start planning the next sweater, right? Right! The Breakwater pattern by Cecily Glowik MacDonald has been tempting me for some time. It's top down so I can try it on as I go and imagine in Ultra Pima Cotton Dark Navy with tiny Natural Stripes....perfect!

 But wait, I have flubbed the cotton before so I am already swatching to get it right. The pattern calls for Kitchen Sink Dyework Luxe Merino Fine on #7 needles and I am wavering between the Ultra Pima on #2 or #3 needles so there is going to be some adjusting right off the bat. I really like the cotton knit up on the smaller needles (I am ignoring the fact that I am choosing to knit a whole sweater on #2's...sigh) so the dream is still alive... 

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