Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Holiday Dandy's

The Christmas spirit has just hit me. I'm spending the morning listening to the White Christmas soundtrack (by the way, White Christmas is the best movie ever, with the most amazing costumes, so if you haven't seen it, by all means this is the time!) I've been buying presents now for a while-a little at a time- but until today haven't had the holiday fever.

If I hadn't already bought J's present I would want to get him something from the Fine and Dandy shop online. "FineAndDandyShop.com caters to the guy who enjoys dressing up. He doesn't believe in Casual Friday, nor thinks of getting dressed each day as a chore. He has an appreciation for the well dressed gentlemen of yesteryear and is inspired by their unabashed use of accessories. This shop is for that modern man looking for the finishing details to truly be fine and dandy"

It's awesome, they have ties, scarves, wallets and hats all of which I can envision Fred Astaire casually sporting. If anyone has a boy that could use a little sprucing up, I recommend you go fineanddandy this holiday!


Jessie said...

Thanks a LOT! Now I am going to have the "Sisters" song in my head all day!

(And I'm totally going to go home and watch the movie tonight!)

bon bon girls said...

But that's a good excuse to get your your giant feather fans and do a routine! Meanwhile I'm mentally dancing to "Mandy" all day!