Friday, November 14, 2008


Just so you know our next Swap-O-Rama is next week! Thursday in fact and the swap starts at 7:00! You may have noticed that our little swap won an award from the Pitch--oh yes, it is an award-winning Swap-O-Rama!

Anyhoo, for those who don't know, here is the drill: Bring at least 3 items of clothing or home stuff that you are ready to get rid of and see if you can swap it for something you love! Remember, it's a crapshoot--you might find a gem or nothing at all. But the fun is in the hunting!

Join us: 11.20.08 The swap starts at 7, but get here early to get your number and eat snacks and have fun!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Oh you guys are killing me! I wish I could magically transport across the country for this---it sounds like such fun and I'll bet there will be fab stuff to swap for.

Sigh...have a great weekend in the meantime :)