Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Winter Wonderland Window

So after much work (mostly by e) we have our new windows installed! Although, picture them now outlined in twinkle lights--it's our own little Paris in KC! (Eiffel Tower coming soon...) We were totally inspired by the sketchy quality of animation like The Aristocats and 101 Dalmations. Yes, we are dorks, but look how well it turned out! The snowflake lights in the window I love, they give off such a soft, soothing light.

Come by and see it in person!
This is the front window. Sorry it is so dark, but taking the picture during the day gives off the most horrific glare. Yes each little house is different. E is super tired of designing Parisian houses!
The side window here has the houses along the bottom which frames the snowflake lights.

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