Thursday, November 6, 2008


I know that between the Ghostbuster pictures and Obama propaganda it's been a weird couple of blogging weeks here at bon bon. Why? well, we are getting ready for our Holiday Open House (this weekend, people! I expect to see you all here!) and there are sooo many projects to be done! Very fun, but time consuming. Anyway, I'm putting a sneak peak of our new shoe department and bench-made-out-of-a-headboard that was just finished yesterday! I"m pretty please with the way it turned out, we have another headboard waiting in the wings to be to be made into a bench after this weekend...

Excuse me please, I have to go hot glue things now.

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katy ryan said...

I'll be stopping by during Saturday's festivities, and this is my first visit to Bon Bon Atelier. I. Am. Beyond. Excited. First you drew me in with those turquoise booties on Twitter, now you leave me drooling over sneak-peeks of new displays. Can't wait to see it all in person!