Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thrifty Thursday 3!

Hi bon bons! This week's Thrifty Thursday is 25% off all Irregular Choice shoes! So make your feet happy and buy them their own little gift of fabulous shoes!

Also, I know tomorrow is Black Friday, which for most means getting up at an ungodly hour and standing in line at a big box store for the deal of the century. May I recommend something? Instead of getting up at dawn and standing in line in the cold, sleep in, have some breakfast, bundle up and go hit your friendly neighborhood independent stores! We have great deals, -and more importantly--one of a kind gifts for everyone you love! If you don't want to leave the house at all, go online (*cough* *cough*) you can find awesome independent stuff there too! (for instance, we have a whole Holiday Gift Guide up just waiting to help you!)

Just a thought...

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Mberenis said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your blog readers! I love black friday. I did some research, and have all of my shopping preplanned to maximize savings! You would be surprised what kind of deals are out there, if you search for them.

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