Monday, January 23, 2012

Gumdrop in the house, yo.

You may recall a couple weeks ago I posted about a house cat that we found and named Gumdrop. Obviously an indoor cat, Gumdrop showed up on our porch and made a home on our glider. Since we are crazy cat people we of course fed him and made a shelter for him, all the while hoping to be able to adopt him out, or better yet, find his owner.

Well, Friday night, after a trip to the vet to make sure all was well with Gumdrop, J caved. He decided that while we wait to find him a home, or his owner (we put out 150 fliers this weekend! door to door!) that Gumdrop should stay inside. Which is all well and good, but try explaining that to Marla our cat. I had, in my heart of hearts, hoped it would turn out like this...
But instead, Marla was like this:
For the time being Gumdrop has been barricaded to two rooms of the house, but eventually we will have to let him wander. Unless, fingers crossed, our fliers work and he can be reunited with his owner. Or, of course, if one of you are feeling the need for a new cat!


dawn said...

That's so sweet. I bet Gumdrop is simply drooling with happiness!

betsy and emily said...

Ha! so true! We keep a drool cloth nearby, just in case!