Monday, January 30, 2012

Sunday Sewin'

Yesterday was an official lazy Sunday. I spent most of my day in pajamas. In fact, except for one hour when J and I went around the neighborhood trying to find Gumdrop's owner, I didn't have a proper pair of pants on all day. I stuck with all fleece all the time.

But that is OK, because I accomplished things! I cleaned (much needed) I tried to get cats to like each other (failed) I did computer work (ugh) and I started and finished a whole project. (hooray!) Yes, inspired by one of my students I went to work on this lap duvet tutorial found over on Purl Bee. Although, I think of a duvet really as a slipcover, so I'm going to consider it more of an eiderdown. Which is more fun to say, anyway.

So, this eiderdown was made for my nephew. I've been meaning to make him a proper quilt, but of course never have. I love this blanket, it's fluffy and soft and a really good size for full-body kids, or adult laps. I used this Amy Butler Chinese Lanterns fabric that I bought at Harper's. You may be able to find it at our store soon though, as E promptly fell in love with it. Especially when I paired it with this Lotta Jansdotter Ruta fabric.

Chinese Lanterns getting pressed.

Getting to use my walking foot!

I used an old navy/white dot IKEA fabric for a whale of an applique on the front. Then I blanket-stitched around it.

Front and Back. These fabrics are perfect for each other!

Now that is a cushy blanket. 
I've got another blanket up my sleeve--this one for me! I had hoped to finish it yesterday as well, but the day got away from me. It's going to be pretty though, I can't wait to show it to you..

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