Monday, January 16, 2012

Simon Doonan's Capri

This weekend I bought Simon Doonan's new book, Gay Men Don't Get Fat. I actually got it yesterday so I haven't plowed through the whole thing yet.(I was distracted by the Golden Globes) Anyway the book, as is Mr. Doonan himself, is fabulous and witty and yes I did laugh out loud a number of times. In his first chapter he discusses the glamorous Isle of Capri. I thought since it is Monday, we might all want to take a mental trip to Capri. You don't even have to run out to buy a new bathing suit!

Here is Simon Doonan actually in Capri. With him is his husband Jonathan Adler, and Trina Turk and her husband Jonathan Skow. It is from a Travel + Leisure article about Capri from S.D. Maybe we will run into them on the beach?

We will be vacationing with Jackie Kennedy, & Babe Paley. (Giant sunglasses a must)

Perhaps we will meet them for lunch under a yellow and white stripe umbrella?

Followed by a relaxing boat ride.
And a little fishing
Then we will retire to our room at J.K Capri

No need to worry, I went ahead and booked the Penthouse. Only the best for you!

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