Thursday, January 5, 2012

Showing Off..

Today I'll be doing a little showing off, as I have achieved total happiness because of two shipments..
The first one came late afternoon yesterday. I had a class coming in, so I didn't really get to pet it like I wanted to..Behold 6 new bolts of Liberty of London!

I ordered these last April and so had no idea what they would look like. I was happy in the decisions that past-Betsy made. Closer and more individual pics coming soon.

Today the UPS man brought me a little Christmas gift that I bought myself. (Well, ordered for myself using a gift card from my awesome aunt). I saw this in London, and oh I wanted it. However, what's one of the more awkward things to drag on a plane? A sewing basket. What is the coolest sewing basket ever? A GYPSY CARAVAN sewing basket. From Cath Kidston

Really, isn't this the cutest thing ever?
 And I treated myself to a new bag, since mine are in rough shape. This was E and I's favorite, and since everything was on sale, why not?
I'm going to go swath myself in Liberty and look at my stuff. Then maybe I'll have lunch. Then maybe I'll do some sort of work. Although, BORING! Ooh, maybe I'll make stuff with the Lib..that's kind of work, right?


sarah said...

love the new liberty!

betsy and emily said...

Isn't it pretty? It's even better in person!