Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Plastic bag holder

One of the projects that has been on my list forever is a plastic bag holder. As much as we take our re-useable bags shopping with us we always seem to have a slew of plastic grocery bags at home. In a big exploding pile.

So, the other day I finally took the bull by the horns and made one. It took maybe 15 minutes? It's funny how you put things off and it turns into a huge deal in your mind. And then you are done in a snap. So, if you've got a spare 15 minutes and an exploding bag problem, I recommend making a plastic bag holder.

Of course you can make it an size you want, mine is roughly 10x30. I cut out two rectangles at this size.
 And stitched up the sides using 5/8ths inch seam
 I folded over each edge a 1/2 inch, then another 1/2 inch and stitched.
 And ran elastic through both ends.
 I cut a long piece for the hanger, pressed each raw edge in the middle and folded it over one more time. Stitch up the side and your strap is ready.
 Stitch the strap on one end of the bag and you've got a plastic bag holder!

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