Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Santa brought Steve Madden

This year Santa brought me the ultimate gift; blue and pink suede platforms. Oh, they are lovely and so tall! Although, as E is quick to point out, even with these shoes on I'm not as tall as her on flatfoot. Grrr. 

Unfair sibling height distribution aside I think they are gorgeous. One problem. I went to put them on for New Year's Eve and lo and behold..what to wear with them? Could I do black? I never subscribed to the Royal Blue trend (once something is your high school colors, it really loses any cool factor thereafter)

Pink of course is an option, and I have meant for sometime to do a lovely loud print dress from this Martha Negley fabric. But I wonder if it is too fussy for the shoes. Hmm..
Any ideas for me?

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