Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Liberty fabrics up close and personal

I thought you might want to see the new Liberty up close and personal. 
You know, so you can get to know them. The flowered print at the top is Fitzgerald, the green dot is Gilliam.
This is Picardie and Dr. Tulloch
Ellie Ruth is a lovely one,
As is TV Too.
The good news is that these fabrics are all lovely, personable and fun to invite into your drawing room. The bad news is that the price of beauty has gone up. Way up. Where these were once $36, they are now $39.50. And that isn't even close to what they should be priced, but we don't want people to be unable to buy them.

It's a shame I couldn't be obsessed with muslin. That would be so much easier on my bank account.

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